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Background: Senior Citizens Service Medical Trust fund was set up in 2003 by Les and Craig Hunt to assist with the medical needs of the elderly in Zimbabwe. It is a registered Trust in Zimbabwe, 2471/2004, protocol no: 328.

The Trust came into being due to certain incidents, one incident especially stands out, "One of our Senior Citizens fell and broke an arm, when taken to hospital they refused to admit her until they paid Z$3.1 million dollars. (Old Zimbabwean currency)

The family rallied together and managed to raise Z$1,5 mill which got her into hospital but the doctor refused to set the arm until he was paid the rest. This I know is unbelievable, but the sad thing is it is not the only story." We started to investigate and were horrified at what we found, our elderly folk, through no fault of their own, were no longer able to afford their medications, basic medical care or ambulance. This was due to hyperinflation in Zimbabwe, pensions not keeping up with the inflation, investment and medical aides collapsing. Many of them lost life savings in the collapse of some of our Banks and Investment houses. Then to top it all they devalued our dollar so the little money they had, turned into cents! These people are proud people who helped build this country, planned for their old age only to have the carpet pulled from underneath them in their golden years. The SCS caters for people from all walks of life. The SCS has an ongoing requirement for funds as well medical consumables.


Our first aim when the Trust was set up was to raise funds, which we did through fundraisers, held here in Bulawayo and then we approached EMRAS ambulance service for their help. Thanks to EMRAS assistance we now cover most of the Retirement homes as well as many individuals in private residence for emergency ambulance. This has taken the worry away of trying to find funds for the ambulance in a time of crisis.

Our second aim was to source medications for our Pensioners. This we do through a wonderful pharmacist in Pretoria, South Africa as well as donations from the Tzaneen community. Our problem is that many of the drugs we need are not available or exorbitantly priced here in Zimbabwe. We are assisting over 500 pensioners with their chronic medications. This avenue is continually being worked on as the need keeps growing.

Our third aim was to set up clinics for the elderly. We run 3 clinics at different venues around Bulawayo. We have 2 Doctors and 2 registered nurses who run the clinics for us. We have found this to be a great help to our old folk, many of whom are no longer on Medical aid as they cannot afford it. For these clinics we are in desperate need of non-prescription drugs, dressings, etc (please see list attached). This is an on going process, which keeps increasing in numbers.

Our fourth aim was to assist with glasses. We have an optician that assists us with our consultations for free and we rely on donated frames for the glasses. We also assist with ready readers which are donated from time to time. This has made a huge difference to their lives, as they are now able to see.

Our fifth aim was to assist with dental. We are now able to help with extractions and fillings, unfortunately the dentures and bridges are still too expensive for us to assist with.

Our sixth aim was to assist with hearing aides. We have a wonderful lady that does the ear test and fitting for us. We are limited to the donated hearing aides we receive which she re-programmes for us, as hearing aides are very expensive.

We then found a need for assistance with food for the homes. We do have an organization, which we work in conjunction with, called SOAP (Save Old Age Pensioners), who feed individuals but unfortunately not the retirement homes. So SCS formed Food for Homes Bulawayo FHB under its umbrella and now assists the homes with food, such as dry goods, meat, dairy, vegetables, etc on a monthly basis.

All of this work is funded by donations, without the caring people of the world we would not be able to do what we do.

New SCS Clinic: Edith Duly have very kindly given us the Vinnicombe clinic for SCS use and we have had the 'new' clinic refurbished. It also has room for the dentist, Dr Masiya, who has kindly offered us 1 day a month free care. The clinic was officially opened on the 23 rd August 2011. Special thanks to our sponsors Paint & Allied, Sandford Signs, Fence Africa and Bathroom Boutique.

We are also looking at employing a full time nurse in the clinic, and Coronation Cottages are willing to give us a cottage with rent, lights and water free, as part of the nurses package. However, we still need to come up with a salary - anyone willing to sponsor the nurse would be greatly appreciated!

We are very excited about it as we feel it will give more to our Pensioners in the medical scheme of things. They will have a nurse on call 24/7 and she will also be able to do the every day stuff like dressings, BP, sugar testing and general well being. She will also be able to keep patients there for observation, if need be. In the long run we would like a physiotherapist and chiropodist to also use the premises on a monthly or weekly basis as the need arises, and we may also be able to do the hearing tests as well. There is just so much potential...!

Our current clinics are still busy with patients, and the need for these is so great, as some of the pensioners often leave their ailments until they are in such a desperate state that it takes a lot to pick them back up again and get their strength and health back. We are averaging about 55 patients at the moment on a bi-weekly basis, and Coronation Cottages clinic sometimes goes on until 6pm - so thank you to the dedicated staff and Doctor Legg!

Lesley Hunt

If you are able to assist with a donation please do so online via this website. Alternatively the bank details for fund transfers is: Zimbabwe Aid Fund, Natwest Stroud, Branch Sort Code: 55-61-08 Account Number: 66581427. Cheques can be sent to: Zimbabwe Aid Fund, Yew Tree Cottage, Box Village, Glos. GL69HP. Enquiries to: or call Sean Kelly on 07765522194

Medical equipment and consumables can be sent to Yew Tree Cottage, Box Village, Glos GL69HP.