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About Us

Our Mission

'To raise funds and source medical equipment and consumables and food for the elderly in Zimbabwe'

The Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK (ZAF) has been established for the purpose of raising funds and sourcing medical equipment and consumables to support the destitute elderly in Zimbabwe. The plight of the elderly is one of the less publicised outcomes of Zimbabwe's social, economic and political collapse. There are a number of facilities for the aged spread throughout Zimbabwe, most of which are dependent on various levels of external funding to survive. Whilst the raising of funds for food is vital, of equal importance is the provision of medical services. Most of the medical facilities in Zimbabwe are run down. There is a lack of trained staff, a shortage of funds for medicines and consumables and most of the equipment is extremely old with many items being unserviceable as there are not the funds, skills or spare parts to repair them.


The aim of the ZAF is to support the elderly in Zimbabwe. This will be achieved through the raising of money for medical consumables and equipment, transportation of donated items, food and other items (i.e. water tanks, computers) deemed to be necessary to support the welfare of the elderly.

The Trustees of the ZAF may at their discretion, apply the resources of the ZAF to other beneficiaries where deemed appropriate to do so.


The ZAF will achieve its aims by raising money and seeking donations. Medical consumables, donated equipment and money raised will be sourced through a variety of means which may include:

Public appeals

  • Private donations
  • Donations from organisations
  • Raffles
  • Auctions
  • Fundraising functions / events
  • Internet

The ZAF UK does not support individual requests.

The Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK (ZAF) liaises closely with other aid and assistance organisations such as Zimbabwe Aid Fund (ZAF) Australia, S.O.A.P. (Harare & Bulawayo), Homes in Zimbabwe (HIZ - UK) and funds are deployed on a needs basis. The role performed by the ZAF and the other organisations is now critical to the survival of the elderly.

Donors to ZAF are assured that all donated funds are accounted for. No money is paid over to Zimbabwean Government Agencies, international aid agencies or NGO's. The activities of the Zimbabwe Aid Fund are audited annually by a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. The fund has no salaried employees and all work is done on a voluntary basis.

Support, by way of donor's funds, is important to the survival of these wonderful people. The elderly pensioners are very proud and are not looking for sympathy; however they are very appreciative of the assistance they receive. The supply of medical equipment and medical consumables and food from overseas donors is crucial to the very survival of the elderly. They do not have any means of conveying their gratitude to those overseas, but convey their thanks to those on the ground and are often reduced to tears when given a box of very basic foodstuffs.

Corporate Governance

Zimbabwe Aid Fund UK

Charity Number: 5021130 (Registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales)

Bankers: Natwest

Honorary Auditor: Mark Rogers

Year End: 30th June

Thank you for your continued support.